Alternative Funded Health Solutions

National Insurance Partners Corporation is a national Managing General Agency that serves as a leading resource in group health alternative funding programs for the small to mid-size employer community.  Our alternative funded group health benefit solutions are designed for groups with 4 - 500 employees. 

We provide our agency partners a wholesale marketplace for the leading ERISA-based level funding models available today.  Join the growing number of employers who are meeting the requirements for ACA-compliance, while still saving money and improving their bottom line!

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National Insurance Partners

Featured Group Products

Lifestyle Health Plans

Help your group clients gain control of health care expenses by addressing the root cause of escalating healthcare costs - employee health behaviors.  Lifestyle Health Plans believes that the only way to truly manage healthcare costs is to improve the health and wellness of plan members.  Though innovative plan designs, alternative funding...

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Lifestyle Vision Plans

Lifestyle Vision Plans has teamed up with VSP® Vision Care to provide your group clients competitive vision plans specifically designed to compliment Lifestyle's wellness-inspired group health benefits program. We all know that vision care and routine vision exams can assist with the early detection of serious diseases or conditions. Lifestyle...

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Lifestyle Dental Plans

Dental coverage is important - without it many employees may never visit the dentist at all. Our Dental Plans are designed to offer all that you will need in terms of prevention, basic and major dental procedures, as well as orthodontia. Dental benefits do not need to be complicated and our program is designed with some straightforward, cost-...

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