Our Mission


We are pleased that you'd like to learn more about the alternative funded group medical plans offered by National Insurance Partners. We all are impacted by the rising cost of healthcare in this country. As a Managing General Agency specializing in innovative self-funded plans for small to mid-sized employers, we offer a unique background and perspective to healthcare benefit programs.

Alternative Funded Solutions

When brokers think of employers self funding their employee health plans, they usually consider it only for their largest clients. Conventional wisdom is that only larger employers have the resources and the stability to support a self-funded benefit plan. A new trend has started that makes self funding a viable alternative for smaller employers with less than 100 employees. Employers with as few as 5 employees can now build their group benefits using self-funded plans with reasonable stop loss coverage that provides them protection from high claims.

An ERISA Approach

Self-funding provides greater flexibility. Our ERISA-based group benefit programs:

  • Emphasize the impact of individual health behaviors on healthcare costs and employee productivity
  • Assist in the proactive management of healthcare costs for the employer groups we serve
  • Provide support for agency partners who serve as alternative funded experts to the client companies they serve

Our approach is simple; we have pre-qualified the leading ERISA-based, level funded programs on the market today and provide turn-key access to these products, through one streamlined distribution partnership. In doing so, we strive to exceed expectations in customer service as we offer our unique blend of knowledge, innovation, and customized solutions to our business partners and clients.

A Complete Program

In addition to access to the leading ERISA-based group health programs, National Insurance Partners aslo provides access to a variety of ancillary benefit programs that give you additional consultative credibility when it comes to providing your group clients with a turnkey benefits program.

Whether it is bundled pricing, consolidated billing or online enrollment, we partner with leading TPA's to ensure your clients have a complete program for all their benefit needs.  We've taken the guesswork out of which products can provide your groups with the greatest flexibility for ACA-compliance, as well as reducing plan costs over the long-run.